5 genius products to make your life easier

They help with tedious tasks & save you money

SAN ANTONIONodpod Weighted Sleep Mask

Nodpod sleep masks use deep touch pressure, the science of applying gentle pressure to your body to relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep. Chill in the freezer for a relaxing and cooling sensation during the summer months. They come in multiple colors and sell for $32.


This multi-purpose, portable umbrella stand was originally made for the beach but let’s be honest, the possibilities are endless with the U-Stand. It comes fully equipped with a storage base and an umbrella stand to help you soak up the sun without getting burnt. The base can hold your beach or pool gear, or even act as a cooler, holding your ice and drinks. U-Stand sells for $49.99.

Ambrosia Bag

How many times have you bought fruits and vegetables only to have them go bad before you can enjoy them? The Ambrosia Bag is the sustainable solution to all of your food-wasting problems. Saving you time and money, Ambrosia bag is the eco-friendly fix to keeping your food fresh in the fridge. Eliminate the waste and guilt of spoiled fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs! A godsend to those who garden, Ambrosia Bags keep harvests green and crisp until ready to eat. Ambrosia bags go for about $30.


BagPodz is a green and convenient new system for using and storing reusable bags. They are compact while also holding enough bags to cover a whole shopping trip’s worth of groceries. BagPodz are small enough to keep stored away in your vehicle’s glove box or under a seat so they’re ready to use anytime. They even come with their own set of reusable bags. The large set sells for $34.95 and the smaller set sells for $24.95.


Let’s be honest, does anyone enjoy flossing? Water flossers are a great alternative to bleeding gums and stringy floss, but they create their own wet havoc on your sink space. ToothShower asks the question, why not water floss in the shower? The company delivers a genius product that incorporates flossing into your shower routine. Hook it up to your shower head and never forget to floss again! With a controllable dial, you decide on the water pressure that’s best for your mouth. ToothShower also includes a one-of-kind tooth brush, so you can get everything done at once. The basic ToothShower Suite sells for $119.99.

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