Increased screen time can lead to serious eye health problems, experts say

Blinking less can cause dry eye, according to medical experts

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SAN ANTONIO – People of all ages are looking at screens much more now than in the past -- TVs, cellphones, computers for video conferences -- and this increased screen time is not helping our eyes.

To ensure your vision is not impacted by increased daily screen time, Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates highly recommends having regular eye exams, as checkups can help prevent serious eye health problems.

Eyes are important to so much of life. When your vision or eye health is affected by disease, aging, injury or another condition, it can profoundly affect and limit abilities to do certain things.

Dr. Arianne Pink, an optometrist at Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates, explained that increased screen time will primarily lead to dry eye.

“Studies have actually shown that when you’re on a screen, you blink 60% less. That’s a huge problem, because blinking is how we get new tears on the eye,” Pink said.

Whether you need cataract surgery, suffer with chronic dry eye, have an eye disease or simply want to see better, Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates can help. Same-day appointments are available at the practice.