Climate quiz tells you which skincare works best for your ZIP code

Moisturizing your skin according to the climate is a groundbreaking approach, experts say

The holiday season is upon us, and during these unprecedented times, we are using our electronics more frequently -- and with holiday shopping quickly approaching, that will likely only add to our screen time.

In that screen time, blue light is coming off those screens and onto our faces, which can cause skin to age prematurely, according to the experts at Pour Moi Skincare.

Ulli Haslacher, founder of Pour Moi Skincare, created anti-aging skincare based on the climate in San Antonio, to help keep your skin looking youthful.

“The sun has a natural blue light when you are outside. We know already that light ages skin,” Haslacher said. “The good news is, it doesn’t give you a disease. The bad news is, it really hits that center in your skin that is responsible for your natural anti-aging ingredients.”

According to Pour Moi Skincare, each individual has an anti-aging manufacturing center within a deep layer of skin that creates our natural collagen and elastin.

As we age, the process lessons, but it’s still there, helping us look healthy and youthful.

Skin can change due to local humidity, temperature and/or atmospheric pressure. San Antonio’s subtropical skin stressors include high humidity, strong UV light, bacterial allergens, heavy air and pollution. Skin exposed to too much humidity can lead to acne and breakouts over time.

Moisturizing skin according to the climate is a groundbreaking approach in beauty. It’s part of a new trend called geo-moisturization, Haslacher said.

To help combat blue light from damaging our skin, Pour Moi Skincare, which has the first patented climate-smart skincare in the world, is made specifically for the San Antonio region. Each product in the skincare line is tailored to your exact temperature, humidity, altitude and pollution exposure, and it is intended to help your skin adjust to different climates so that it can radically rejuvenate and repair itself.

Take the Pour Moi Skincare quiz here to find the right day cream specific to your location.