Delaying care because of COVID-19? Medical groups advise to stick with annual checkups

Health group opens 4 new care centers in San Antonio | SA Live | KSAT12
Health group opens 4 new care centers in San Antonio | SA Live | KSAT12

Have you avoided seeing your doctor this year due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Regular visits to your primary care provider are incredibly important for maintaining your health and preventing problems -- especially as we age.

According to Cano Health, access to primary care providers is associated with a longer life span for populations. Despite that, the number of primary care providers in the country is actually decreasing every year.

The medical group is partnering with Humana to give its patients a holistic health care approach that focuses on healing the whole person.

“It’s so important to focus on preventative active care and not just aches and pains,” said Bill White, a representative for Humana. “Annual checkups with your primary care physician may help get to the root of any problems, before they get worse, and may even avoid emergency room visits. We want our members to truly enjoy visits to the doctor and enjoy compassionate care that goes beyond just clinical, and that’s why we added Cano Health to our network.”

Cano Health has stated that its focused on addressing common social, financial and logistical barriers to health care. These are referred to as the social determinants of health.

“With 10,000 people aging into Medicare each day, we’re excited to be opening a primary care center right here in San Antonio, that’s specifically focused on serving the Medicare population,” said a representative for Cano Health. “We’re proud to be helping increasing access to care in our community.”

In response to COVID-19, Cano Health has taken every precaution to keep patients safe including the use of personal protective equipment and adherence to social distancing protocols.

Cano Health offers free transportation for patients needing assistance getting to appointments at its four San Antonio locations.

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