Former Spur, George Hill, helps grant a Christmas surprise for military widow

The Watson family lost their father after complications due to COVID-19 in November

Wish for Our Heroes teams up with George and Sam Hill to grant a wish for the Watson family this holiday season.

SAN ANTONIO – The non-profit Wish for Our Heroes is granting wishes all year long, but this Christmas is a little different from previous years--No party bus and grand arrivals, but the magic is just as special.

“Each Christmas we go to the local military bases and ask if there are any families that are struggling and needing help,” Co-founder of Wish for Our Heroes Jeff Wells said.

The Hill family along with other sponsors helped to buy gifts for Adrianna Watson and her four children after her husband, David Watson, died in November after complications due to COVID-19.

“It’s been a rough year for my kids and me all my family is in Mexico, so technically, its only me and my kids,” Adrianna Watson said. “I feel love for you guys (Wish for Our Heroes) and thank you very much.”

Wish for Our Heroes is based in San Antonio. Click here to help donate and contribute to granting wishes for all military families around the country.

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