Is that Godzilla’s cousin on SA Live?

Fletcher Reptile & Bird Rescue hoping to find homes for cute critters

SAN ANTONIO – He’s got the armor and the powerful tail, but no fire breath.

The Sudan plated lizard might not really be related to Godzilla, but he can be a member of your family. Fletcher Reptile and Bird Rescue saves and re-homes adoptable critters we may not think about at first, but still need loving homes.

The Sudan Plated Lizard has a full plated stomach that protects his belly from the very hot and rocky Sudan desert. The females look exactly like the males so it will take an expert to tell them apart.

This prehistoric-looking cutie is up for adoption to the correct adopter. He does require someone who knows a little more about reptile care. Check out his picture below.

Sudan Plated Lizard Fletcher Reptile & Bird Rescue (Copyright 2021 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

The juvenile ball python is one of our special needs critters. This little one has an “L” shaped scoliosis behind his head.

Some reptiles you can correct this on but a lot of breeders/owners don’t usually catch it until it’s already set in. He is eating fuzzy, very small mice when he should be on hoppers, which are a little bit bigger. Up for adoption only to someone with experience.

The Chinese water dragon loves to be in the water but also needs a basking area. He’s really fast in the water and also on land!

This one is another special case, part of his tail had to amputated after an accident. He is up for adoption, but you should be aware he will need a large enclosure. If you’d like a little bit of nature indoors, this would be an excellent addition to your home.

Chinese Water Dragon - Fletcher Reptile & Bird Rescue (Copyright 2021 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

Fletcher Reptile and Bird Rescue takes in many special needs cases and they need extra attention and sometimes medical help. Donations are always appreciated to keep these critters thriving.

Check out their website to see even more adoptable pets looking for a forever home.