Mobile glam squad can help you style, organize and get your hair done

C&J Atelier is a mobile duo that can help any busy mom (or dad)

SAN ANTONIO – The idea of mobile glam squads is no longer just for the movie stars, C&J Atelier is a business based out of Austin. Jennifer Johnson and Chrissy Schiff combine their strengths of hair styling and fashion styling to help anyone with a busy schedule.

“How it works is Chrissy is in charge of your closet and reorganizing, if that’s what you’re needing,” stylist Jennifer Johnson said. “I come in with doing hair, whether it be blowouts, style or whatever you need that day.”

The services are helpful for someone who needs a closet revamp or help re-styling the clothes they already have.

“My closet tips for you go look at each piece and ask am i going to keep this, take it to the taylor for alterations or get it fixed or I’m going to donate it,” stylist Chrissy Schiff said.

If you would like to hire them for a virtual or in-person experience, click here.

Chrissy also helped Fiona revap her three go-to looks.

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