Tips on how to decide if it’s time to upgrade your windows

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In the process of remodeling your home and now sure if you need new windows?

Windows not only keep your house energy-efficient and control how much light and air get in, but they can make your house look modern and sleek.

To help homeowners keep their windows in top condition, Expo Home Improvement has provided five important indicators that will tell you when to replace windows.

1. Damaged or decaying frames

If frames are starting to show signs of wear and decay, you need to get them replaced, right away, Expo Home Improvement advises. This is very important to note if you have wooden frames as moisture can cause them to rot and allow for mold to develop. Seeing any signs of damage or decay? It’s time to replace your windows.

Takeaway: The frame is just as important as the panes of glass.

2. Condensation between the panes

Are you noticing any condensation or moisture beginning to form between the panes in a double-pane window? Double pane windows are designed to be sealed tight. Expo Home Improvement experts mentioned that many of these windows have some sort of gas, like Argon, between the panes to increase their insulation. If you’re seeing moisture or condensation between the panes, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong.

Takeaway: Moisture or condensation between double-pane windows is a sign to have them replaced.

3. You feel a draft

Feeling a cool draft coming in from your window? This could mean that the seal around it is broken. Your house becomes less energy-efficient when the seal around the windows degrade. This factor could result in increased heating and cooling bills.

Takeaway: Drafts are a good indication it’s time to replace windows.

4. Noise

Hearing a lot of outside noise lately? Older windows, and ones that are in poor shape, are also going to be noisier windows. A benefit to newer windows is that they are made of stronger materials and just do a better job canceling out noise.

Takeaway: If you can’t keep out noise, it’s time for an update.

5. High utility bills

Noticing your energy bills going up rapidly? If the insulation to your home is failing, the windows could be leaking out the heat and cool air you want to keep inside. Keep your bills down, and ensure your windows are properly insulated.

Takeaway: Take care of your home and make sure unwanted warm and cool air is no escaping from your home through the windows.

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