Back to School Hair Tips

Tryout these helpful tips to make grooming your kids in the morning easier.

SAN ANTONIO - At Boardroom Salon for Men, they deliver the ultimate relaxed grooming experience for men. 

They provide haircuts, shaves, and spa services in an elegant, country club environment.

Their clients enjoy a great vibe – as they can lounge in our oversized leather chairs, play a game of pool or chess, as well as sip on a complimentary beverage. 

The Benchmark is their signature service – which isn't just a regular haircut – but also includes: a rejuvenating paraffin hand dip, a steamed towel on your face, and stress-relieving scalp/hand/facial massages. 

For the boy they offer The Buddy Cut for boys 12 and under.


  • When there's no time to shower…
    • Always keep a pack of Jack Black's All-Over Wipes handy.
    • You never know when your son might sleep through the alarm and showering just isn't an option! 
    • These are perfect for a full-body refresher for face and body, as they're large enough to get you clean from head-to-toe in a single use.
    • If your son is starting middle or high school, these are great to also keep in his gym locker. 
  • Towel-dry hair to quickly remove sweat and oil.
    • This ensures your styling product can actually penetrate your hair instead of just laying on top of it. 
    • Then, to re-style, run a dime-sized amount of product through the hair. This will make it look dry, natural and not overly done. 
  • Maintain a no-fuss haircut for fall. Try a Crew Cut or a High & Tight.
    • Both of these cuts are super easy to style for both thinner and thicker/afro hair textures, and they look great on all face shapes. They're also popular among men and young boys alike! 
    • Crew Cuts: The upright hair on the top of the head is cut relatively short, graduated in length from the longest hair that forms a short pomp at the front hairline to the shortest at the back of the crown. The hair on the sides and back of the head is usually tapered short or medium.
    • High & Tight: While it's similar to a Crew Cut, the High & Tight gives a little more flair! The backs and sides of the head are shaved to the skin and the back is kept short while the hair up top adds a little volume and height.  
  • Know when and how your son should start shaving.
    • Majority of boys start shaving in their teens. 
    • A good indicator is when you start to notice 'peach fuzz' or when long unsightly hairs start popping up on the upper lip or chin.
    • At Boardroom, we recommend starting with a quality safety razor.
    • Unlike modern razors, they prevent ingrown hairs, bumps and razor burns. 
    • Also keep a styptic pencil handy to stop bleeding on any beginner's cuts!

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