Alamo Heights High School Theater Arts

The Alamo Heights High School Theater Arts Program is filled with diversely artistic and talented students who are each finding a niche while working collaboratively for the greater good of the troupe.

Theatre provides a unique kind of learning through vicarious experience known as empathy. Empathy is one of the most effective modes of learning through discovery because it involves students in an exploration of the thoughts and feelings of other people.Opportunities to participate in both improvisational and formal theatre offer students diverse opportunities for self-expression.

Students showcase these skills through performance. Annual productions, including musical performances, monologues, duet acting and one-act play competitions at the local, regional and state level provide students the opportunity to share their talents and develop and strengthen skills.

Every day, theater students are directed and inspired by their teacher Andrew Denny. Denny wants his students to become critical consumers, rather than just passive viewers. Students are expected to question and critique their own and others’ processes and products to the extent that they walk away with an understanding of important aspects of the human psychology – who we are, what we think, feel and act vs what we say and do. His students have the opportunity at every performance to connect audiences with their innermost feelings. They make them laugh, feel pain and sadness, cry and share in great joy. Vote for us!

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