Alamo Heights High School Spurs Dance Team

The Alamo Heights High School Spurs Dance Team is state and nationally ranked for their dance skills, artistic expression and team performance. Our Spurs Dancers are spirit leaders in our school, promoting positive spirit through dance. Showcasing their moves to the music, these dance team members put the exclamation point on any performance!

Dance is discovery. Working creatively, a student explores the mind and body. The student is allowed to make an individual statement, a discovery and expression of self. Students share their knowledge and skills through a variety of performances including football halftime shows, pep rally performances, junior dance clinics, camps, community and invitational performances, and state and national contests, clinics and master classes.

Every day, students hear the music and follow the dance steps that are artfully choreographed by their teacher, Jessica Marie Sanchez.  She is an example of to each of them in her grace, poise, respect, and honesty. She holds them to the highest level of accountability and performance, two assets that each of them will use repeatedly throughout their lives. Her team members work hard to give good performances, but work even harder to be true to themselves and the members of their dance team.  Vote for us!

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