Ft. Sam Houston Elementary
Student Council

Ft. Sam Houston Elementary school's student council program partnered with The Wounded Warrior Project to make their Soldier Rides unforgettable.  The Wounded Warriors demonstrate strength and resilience, despite all they've been through, by riding 22 miles on Castroville's country roads.  As the lead for the program in our district, we participated in three rides over the course of the year.  The rides were the culminating events of four-day program designed to encourage the wounded warriors to persevere.  On the second ride, we invited Cole's National Junior Honor Society students, and the final ride, lunch was prepared for the soldiers by Cole Middle School's culinary arts program.  We chose to invite middle and high school students to build community within our district.  

We made signs featuring the soldiers' names and encouraging words and lined the sides of the streets anticipating their arrival. Together, we cheered and waved our signs encouraging them to reach the finish line. This was the best part! The soldiers were so excited to see us cheering them on. After the soldiers got off their bikes, they found the student holding their sign, took pictures, hugged, and talked about the ride.  We all ate lunch together and talked about our lives, and then played games.  

Having students from across the district participate in this emotional partnership with our veterans, who have sacrificed so much of themselves, strengthened bonds and inspired us all.  This event is important because many of us have parents who are currently deployed.  The impact on everyone involved was so powerful.  

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