Memorial High School

Memorial High School’s Health Science program, prepares students for an ever-changing world in the workforce.  Our students can choose from three (3) career pathways which offer certifications as Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Certified Pharmacy Technician or Certified Billing and Coding Specialist.  Along with the main certifications, there are additional ones embedded within the pathways. These certifications offer our students better opportunities to gain higher paying wages upon graduation from high school, while pursuing post-secondary education as healthcare professionals. Our in-house clinical lab enhances our students’ hands- on learning before going out to our healthcare organization partnerships for their real-world experiences. 

Students in this college and career readiness program learn the knowledge and participate in hands-on experiences to develop skills.  As our population ages, healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing industry in the United States. We’re proud of our Health Science program and the opportunities provided to students. Vote for us! 

Congratulations Memorial High School for being October's Go Public Cool School.  Watch SA Live weekdays at 1:00pm to see more of Memorial High School's Health Science programs.