Crafthouse Studios Halloween Crafts

Crafthouse brings you great ideas for last minute Halloween costumes

SAN ANTONIO - Last Minute Costume Ideas 


  • Make a cute face using cardstock! Cut a large circle and glue on heart eyes, a tongue or rolling eyes. Get creative with it! Once you're done with the emoji, add a big popsicle stick on the back so you can hold it up. Pair it together with an all black outfit and you're good to go! 

Bank Robber 

  • Buy a canvas bag and either trace a dollar sign on felt and hot glue it onto the bag, or just draw it on yourself using felt markers. For the mask, cut holes into felt and tie a stretch cord or elastic on the back. Tie it all together with a black and white striped shirt and black pants! 


  • Use a pillow with a pink pillow case as your as your fish, then cut pieces of white felt into V shapes and hot glue them onto the pillow. After completing your sushi, grab a black sash and use it to strap the pillow onto your back, then tie a knot in the front. This can be paired with any outfit, but colorful clothing is suggested. 

Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons

  • Get a regular t-shirt and trace letters to read “Mother of Dragons” in the Game of Thrones font, using regular font stencils available at any craft store. If you want your own little dragon to go with your costume, cut felt into spike shapes and hot glue them onto the top of a hoodie for a cute and inexpensive costume! 

Craft House Studios

For more costume inspiration and party ideas, Crafthouse Studios has a great blog filled with helpful tips. They also have a variety of workshops to help with any crafting idea you may have.

For even more crafting, Crafthouse offers private events for bridal showers, birthday parties, corporate team building events and more. Visit them to get your craft on and find out how you can become an expert crafter! 

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