Massive Dessert That Will Stop You "Dead" In Your Tracks

Zombie-Themed Snack Shop Is A Ghoulish Way To Cool Down

By David Elder - SA Live Multimedia Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - Zombies Deadlicious Street Sweets has been cranking out zombie themed street sweet classics for more than four years - like their massive apocalypse shaved ice treat.

A giant mound of shaved ice gets added to a large plastic cone. Then - your choice of syrup - I went with pineapple and orange - gets added on top.

When finished, the treat is the size of a human head.

Also on their zombie-themed menu - a massive piccadilly snow cone.

The silky smooth ice gets piled high on a bed of pickle chunks and chamoy.

Then - your choice of syrup gets added on top - I went with strawberry and lime - followed by red and green chamoy and kool-aid syrup.

Owner Diane Acosta opened the zombie-themed sweet shop after running a food truck by the same name for two years.

The unique store is a local favorite - providing year-round scares for all of its customers.

Other sweets include the bubble gum treat made with cotton candy Italian ice and a strange combination of spicy, sweet, and sour known as deadly chow that uses hot Cheetos.

Zombie Deadlicious Street Sweets is a fun place for the whole family - especially a family that loves tasty treats and zombies.

Zombies is located at 213 Palo Alto Rd, San Antonio, TX 78211.

To get more information on the shop, head to their Facebook page.

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