New Southside BBQ Joint Hits the Mark

David Elder Takes You Inside South BBQ & Kitchen

By David Elder - SA Live Multimedia Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - South BBQ & Kitchen is the newest barbecue joint on the Southside of San Antonio located right off mission road.

And yes - the bbq at South BBQ & Kitchen is the real deal.

The bark on the brisket is well seasoned with salt and pepper, and the meat is flavorful and juicy.

The BBQ chicken is juicy and has a spicy kick to it, and the pork ribs and pulled pork are top notch.

The house-made BBQ sauce stands up tall with flavor and makes a perfect pair to the barbecue.

A traditional approach to BBQ gets combined with a Tex-Mex influence that’s apparent when you try their sides.

Kitchen manager Manuel Nava creates the sides based on recipes he grew up eating.

“We are trying to embrace the Southside of San Antonio," said Nava.

The old smokehouse has been transformed into a new barbecue joint by foodie and owner Andrew Samia.

“South BBQ & Kitchen is the culmination of the six years I've been in the culinary industry in San Antonio," said Samia.

South BBQ & Kitchen is a win for San Antonio - and a must try for barbecue and food lovers alike.

South BBQ & Kitchen is located at 2011 Mission Rd, San Antonio, TX 78214.

To get more information on the restaurant, just head to their Facebook Page.

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