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Birthday Party Ideas

Yummy Cocktails are the key to a great party. Yolo Rum has the right amount of flavors and kick to make your party the best. To make it with a little bit of a fall flair, add apple cider, and a little bit of cranberry. You can even add your own touch to it.

 What's better than a rum cocktail? Rum cupcakes! You can make your cupcakes infused with rum and also the icing as well. Just be sure you don't use them at a kid's birthday party.

Speaking of kid's birthday parties, every birthday needs decorations! You can use cardstock to cut circles and hot glue them on yarn or whatever you want to use to hang them from the walls or even the ceiling! 

Little mini pinatas can also be something to make your party pop! All it takes is toiler paper rolls, glue, tissue paper, your favorite candy, and a ribbon. Another way to make your party pop is glitter! You can add glitter to the rim of a party hat or on the edge of a cocktail cup! 

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