Craving pizza? Papa John's is offering 50% off on select days

Papa John's is offering 50% off when the Spurs play on the road in Feb.

By Kiersten Ehr - Digital Content Creator

SAN ANTONIO - The Spurs rodeo road trip is on and that means Papa John’s is offering half-off their full menu for every Spurs February road trip game!


Since it's mid-February, there are four games remaining during which you can get your meal half-off from Papa John's. 


That's right, you can get pizza, brownies, soda, bread sticks, cheese sticks, buffalo wings, barbecue wings and chicken poppers, all with the Papa John's half-off deal. 


Don't worry, Papa John's will still be offering 50% off all their menu items for every Spurs home game that's on a Wednesday (this will start back up on Feb. 28). 


List of Spurs Away Game Dates in February:


  1. Monday, Feb. 12 
    Spurs @ Utah Jazz 8:00 pm CT

  2. Tuesday, Feb. 13
    Spurs @ Denver Nuggets 9:30 pm CT

  3. Friday, Feb. 23 
    Spurs @ Denver Nuggets 8:00 pm CT

  4. Sunday, Feb. 25
    Spurs @ Cleveland Cavaliers 2:30 pm CT

The promo code is listed under the Papa John's pizza quiz.




➡ PROMO CODE: "RoadTrip50"  use this code online at Papa John's website.

For more information about the company, or to order pizza online, visit Papa John's at


You can also follow Papa John's on Facebook at @PapaJohnsSATX and Instagram @PapaJohnsPizzaSATX.




Information courtesy of Papa John's 

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