Door Real Estate is the NEW way to buy, sell homes!

Technology-based real estate brokerage company

By Kiersten Ehr - Digital Content Creator

SAN ANTONIO - Say hello to the NEW way to buy or sell a home!

Buying a home is a serious investment and the last thing you want is to spend even more money on realtor fees.

Door Real Estate is literally changing the home-buying process, starting with prioritizing service over sales commission.

Everything you need to know about Door Real Estate


Door Real Estate is a technology-based real estate brokerage company. 


"Door is a fundamentally different way to think about buying or selling your home," said Alex Doubet, CEO and founder of Door Real Estate. "We're a tech-enabled brokerage, with priority of service over sales commissions."


Listing with Door Real Estate is a flat $5,000 fee.



This past year, Door Real Estate clients saved an average of $12,000. 


When you buy with Door Real Estate, they split the buyer's agent commissions with you. 

"When you list a home, 50% of the people that are gonna look at a house look within the first seven days," said Doubet.


What does Door Real Estate offer clients?


✔️ Market Analysis

✔️ Free home evaluation 

✔️ Full-service listing 

"We offer a comparative market analysis to make sure you’re pricing your home correctly from the get-go," said Doubet.


Why you should sell with Door Real Estate:

✔️7 days -- Speed to market

✔️ 4.9/5/0 -- Zillow rating

✔️ $12,000 /home --  average savings


For more information, visit or call 888-840-DOOR. 




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