Family-owned pet store celebrates 30 years in SA

Forever Pets sells reptiles, rodents, birds, fish and more

By Jennifer Struski - Producer/Multi-Media Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - Red-Footed tortoises and a happy dog are among the friendly faces you'll be greeted with once you step inside Forever Pets.

The mom-and-pop shop is more than 30 years old and one of the oldest family owned pet stores in town.

"It all started with a goldfish," said Sherry Waggy, co-owner of Forever Pets. "My mom brought one home from a carnival, so it started with a little bowl and his tank just got bigger and bigger and she said, 'You know what? I can do this.'"

The store now sells reptiles, exotic animals, rodents, birds, fish, kittens and pet supplies to go along with the pets.

Some of the animals are at the store just for show, including George, a Bumble Bee grouper, who is described as a "rat-eating fish that bites."

"We have to have a cage around him because he actually jumps up and bites," Waggy said.

Running Forever Pets is a family tradition they hope to continue to carry on for years to come.

"I am so passionate about animals, just like my dad," Waggy said.

Forever Pets is located at 1030 Basse Road. You can find more information on them on their Facebook page.

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