Get the BEST sleep of your life

Premier Sleep Solutions offers oral appliances to help you sleep at night

By Kiersten Ehr - Digital Content Creator

SAN ANTONIO - You could be getting the best sleep of your life!

Premier Sleep Solutions offers an oral appliance to help you stop snoring.

Premier Sleep Solutions is a dental practice specializing in the treatment of sleeping disorders, including sleep apnea.

What causes snoring?

Sleep apnea is a medical condition where someone has one or more pauses in breathing (or shallow breaths) while sleeping.

"We do home sleep studies," said Veronica Morillos, a sleep technician at Premier Sleep Solutions. "We can get results within 24 hours to find out what's going on."

How can I sleep better at night and prevent sleep apnea?

Instead of using CPAP therapy for sleep apnea, Premier Sleep Solutions offers the oral appliance shown below. 

The great thing about the appliance is that you still have a full range of motion, can talk and drink water while using it.




Veronica Morillos, sleep technician at Premier Sleep Solutions, said, "My patients are so happy with it. I've had spouses say I've been wearing earplugs for 18 years, you don't know how you have changed my life. That makes us so happy we can help patients get a better nights sleep."

Sleep apnea facts:

  • Sleep apnea affects over 18 million Americans
  • Sleep apnea can affect your heart
  • Sleep apnea is more than just snoring
  • Sleep apnea can be treated
  • 80% of Americans have sleep apnea

Morillos said, "Most medical insurance providers and Medicare cover sleep-related treatments."

You can take a quick sleep assessment here.

For more information about Premier Sleep Solutions, you can call 210-598-8200 or visit

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