Need help putting together a bouquet for Valentine's Day?

H-E-B has you covered for Valentine's Day flowers

By Kiersten Ehr - Digital Content Creator

SAN ANTONIO - If you need help putting together a flower bouquet for Valentine's Day, H-E-B has you covered.

10 steps to build your flower bouquet for Valentine's Day: 

Step 1: Head to your local grocery store or florist.

Step 2: Buy a dozen roses, a package of greenery and a package of filler.

Pro tip from H-E-B: "Filler" are accent flowers (Baby's Breath is a good option). 

Step 3: Fill a clean vase to the neckline with water, and add a preservative. 

Step 4: Gather your greenery and trim it a couple of inches from the bottom. 

Step 5: Gather six of your roses and cut them shorter than the other six (This will create a layered effect). 

Step 6: Gather five roses and cut less off than the previous six. 

Step 7: Cut and add your filler (Baby's Breath). 

Step 8: Cut and add your last rose to the center. Cut less off the rose so that it's the tallest. 

Step 9: Pull off the guard petals. 

Step 10: Enjoy your bouquet!

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