Slash your energy bill by more than half!

South Texas Solar Systems: Go solar for $0 down for 3 months

By Kiersten Ehr - Digital Content Creator

SAN ANTONIO - If you're tired of paying hundreds on your energy bill, now is the time to invest in solar energy.

South Texas Solar Systems have been designing, installing and maintaining quality solar systems since 2007. 

💰You can even eliminate up to 75-100% of your electric bill with solar energy!

South Texas Solar Systems customer review:

This man is paying little to nothing on his electric bill!

A customer who has bought solar panels from South Texas Solar Systems said, "I can't stress how good of a deal you can have with solar."

The first bill that this customer had from CPS Energy was only eight dollars after he went solar, the rest of his bills have been for twenty cents.

"They are the ones I trust. I would refer them to anyone," said the customer. 

The customer said, "South Texas Solar Systems is the best solar company I've worked with. I checked around and they are the ones who took care of me." 

Benefits of investing in solar panels 


1. $0 Money Down

When you switch to solar panels at South Texas Solar Systems you pay nothing out of pocket. 

2. $0.68 Per Watt Rebate

The rebates from CPS Energy are only during a certain time of the year. Make sure to ask CPS Energy when the rebate period ends.

3. 30% Federal Tax Credit

Say what?! You can even get up to 30 percent of your money back when you file your taxes for 2018. 

Dan Moran, vice president of marketing/sales, South Texas Solar Systems said, "When you invest in solar you're investing in your families future."


(Below: Examples of homes with solar panels from South Texas Solar Systems


To request your quote with South Texas Solar Systems, you can visit or call 210-405-8628.

South Texas Solar Systems is located at 10203 Kotzebue, San Antonio, TX 78217. 




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