Save money, water and time with The Beyer Boys

By Fiona Gorostiza - SA Live Host

SAN ANTONIO - The Beyer Boys can save you up to 12,000 gallons of water a month, and reduce your water & sewage bill in the process.

They do it with new technology called a “TACO” pump.

"The pump actually has a smart computer on it that will learn what your behaviors are and circulate the hot water there when you need it,” said Pat Beyer, Beyer Boys owner. “It will actually learn your patterns of when you take a shower, when you turn the sink on in the kitchen and when you do your dishes."

They install it at the farthest place away from your water heater, and it helps to circulate the water at an 80-degree temperature.

This solves the problem of waiting several minutes for hot water, and will help save you money. 

For more information on the Beyer Boys you can call 210-656-9027 or visit

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