The Pan Dulce Burger is Brunch on a Bun

This new food truck is reimagining South Texas food

By David Elder - SA Live Multimedia Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - Con Safos Cocina y Cantina is mixing up wild food flavors - like the pan dulce burger.

A pork and beef patty gets grilled on a flat top along with a concha - a type of Mexican sweet bread shaped like a shell.

The patty is topped with bacon and then drenched in brie mornay sauce - a type of cheese sauce.

Spicy strawberry jam gets added to the top concha, and the burger gets served with seasoned fries.

Cheeseburger tacos are also on the menu.

Smoked cheddar gets melted along with seasoned pork and beef.

Traditional burger toppings get nestled inside the tacos served with their seasoned fries.

If you are looking for something more on the healthy side but still with a ton of flavor - the soyrizo fried rice is astounding.

Soyrizo - a tofu alternative to chorizo - gets added to Japanese short grain brown rice along with peppers and onions.

A fried egg gets added on top with radishes, green onions, queso fresco and a lime wedge. 

Con Safos also has a cantina that offers a custom Mexican lager made just for the restaurant by Southerleigh's brewery at the Pearl.

Con Safos is a Hispanic phrase that roughly translates to “with respect” - and I have mad respect for the flavors they are cranking out here.

Con Safos • Cocina Y Cantina is located at 607 Hemisfair Plaza Way, San Antonio, TX 78205.

To get more information on Con Safos, just head to their website.

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