Traditional Martini Tutorial

Quick & Easy Tutorial from 'Artisan on Alamo Distillery'

SAN ANTONIO - Make martinis like Mike!

Martini Mix

Summer time is full of sweet and fruity cocktails but with the fall approaching it's time for a change up. SA Live welcomes in Nick Spink, owner of "Artisan on Alamo Distillery," to break down the simple steps to putting together a few tasty Martinis.

Starting with a traditional dry vodka martini Nick walks us through the process step by step. During this process Nick even informs Mike on the backstory to the three olives commonly seen in a Martini. While most assume it's strictly for looks, it actually has a meaning with the three olives representing 'Life, Love & Happiness.' In addition to the dry martini Nick was sweet enough to bring us a mouth watering ice cream and coffee martini as well for dessert.

Come Try Some!

Mike bro

Artisan on Alamo Distillery is having an event next weekend from Thursday the 13th to Saturday the 15th. You can come party and cerebrate with them as they debut their new drink, Bexar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey. The first 10 to contact Nick will even be allowed a tour inside to see up close how the whiskey and bourbon all gets made. If you're interested please contact Nick by email or go to their website.


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