You'll be stuck on these customizable stickers

Logos, artwork - you name it, they print it

By David Elder - SA Live Multimedia Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - Rockin’ Monkey owners Josh and Stefanie Bernstein’s journey started years ago when they became high school sweethearts.

“It’s very busy balancing life with a business, two kids and employees,” said Stefanie. “It’s crazy, but it's been a fun ride.”

The husband and wife duo started their sticker business as any great tech business starts - out of their garage.

“We started out small, and we were perfectly fine with it. It kinda snowballed into what it is,” said Stefanie.

They stuck to it and now - they have a gorgeous office with a team of talented designers and high-tech printers.

“We ship stickers to South Korea, there’s one client in Hawaii and one in Alaska that we do a ton of stickers for,” said Josh.

Vinyl, canvas, weather resistant - you pick the material, and they can make your stickers happen.

No project is too large, and no task is too small for this extraordinary team of designers.

Rockin’ Monkey is located at 2865, 1031 E Nakoma Dr #102, San Antonio, TX 78216.

For information on how to order stickers today, just head to their website.

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