Volunteers help with Tricentennial community service projects

United Way worked to install signs at local parks

SAN ANTONIO – Have you thought about volunteering, but don't know where to start?

Now, is the perfect time to figure it out because San Antonio is celebrating its 300 years of history and they need help to do it.

Non-profits are always looking for dedicated volunteers and the Tricentennial extravaganza is recruiting local organizations to get their people to be part of the festivities.

The United Way has signed up to take part in next year's Tricentennial. Their volunteers will be involved in various community service projects that help make the celebration possible.

"Whether it's arts and culture, whether it's for safety net opportunities working with the homeless whatever it may be," said Brandyn Rodriguez, who is with the United Way.

The non-profit and its volunteers serve the community in many areas.  they're at Pittman Sullivan Park and their focus is early childhood learning.

"Today I only knew one other person so I made a whole group of new friends which was nice," said Blair McCormack, a volunteer.

She has been volunteering with the United Way for a few years and said it's a great way to network.

McCormack said she has helped put up 20 signs in both English and Spanish to give kids an interactive learning experience at the park, and she helped paint the sidewalks with other learning games that include the alphabet and shapes.

This is the United Way's first project this year and they plan to install signs just like these at four more parks throughout the city.

"The Emerging Leaders Council will be the one to take over Pittman Sullivan Park and come back throughout the years and touch up the paint and make sure the trails are still good and make sure it is upkeep and has the beautification in the park," explained Rodriguez.

They're hoping exposure at the Tricentennial will help attract more volunteers.

"The Tricentennial I think is an awesome platform to allow me to expand my knowledge about the city of San Antonio and how cultural it is," said Sherrell Gray, a United Way volunteer.

Gray was new to San Antonio when she got involved with the organization. That was two years and almost a dozen projects ago.

"I would definitely encourage anyone who is interested in getting out there you have to put yourself out there and one of the ways to do that is simply volunteering in your community," Gray said.

If you'd like to become a Tricentennial volunteer, click here. Click on the "Get Involved" tab and fill out the volunteer application. Once complete your information will go right to the Tricentennial committee.