San Antonio small businesses, SA 300 work together

Tricentennial Commission reaching out to local businesses for help

SAN ANTONIO – The big San Antonio 300 celebration is less than a year away, and the Tricentennial Commission is reaching out to local businesses for help.

Several San Antonio companies have already partnered up with SA 300. Unico Communications plays a big role in making sure that events commemorating and celebrating the city's past, present and future go on without a hitch.

"We are doing full-scale event management across a lot of commemorative events coming up in 2018," said Lisa Bombin, president and CEO of Unico Communications.

Lone Star Media is in charge of getting official, branded merchandise made and making it available to the public.

"We have a lot of different materials and merchandise that we've already put together for the public to peruse and possibly purchase," said Jon Gary Herrera, managing partner of Lone Star Media.

During SA 300, it’s projected that $120 million will be made across all industries in San Antonio.

The increase in visitor spending and activity is expected to support more than 1,200 jobs across the city and generate wages and benefits of $45 million.

"We are thrilled to be able to not only represent our city, but have the opportunity to bring in talent and expand not only with additional team members, but also a mix of consultants and really showcase what San Antonio has to offer," Bombin said.

It doesn't stop with just these two companies. Many will get involved with their products and services as all of Bexar County and San Antonio celebrate the historic event.

For more information on how to get involved, click here.

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