Fiesta forecast! Is mother nature in a partying mood?

Viva Fiesta


SAN ANTONIO – It’s time to load up on medals, crack a cascaron, and party for a purpose. Fiesta is upon us! But, is Mother Nature in a partying mood? Compared to years past, it looks like the answer may be YES! At least for today and Friday.

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Here’s the latest Fiesta Forecast:
Fiesta Fiesta Thursday Night:
    Partly Cloudy, 70s to start, 60s by the end
    Breezy, NE 10-15 mph
Oyster Bake Friday Night:

    Mostly Cloudy, Mid 70s to Upper 60s, 30% Chance of Showers or Storms Late
    Breezy, SE 10-15 mph
Saturday Events:
   Mostly Cloudy, 70s, 40% Chance of Showers and Storms (some could be strong)
   Breezy, SE 10-15 mph
Sunday Events:
  Clearing Skies, Upper 70s
  Breezy, N 10-15

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