Weekend rain chances: Where do we stand?

Isolated showers and storms, with a few pockets of heavy rain possible

SAN ANTONIO – The big, nasty heat high has moved away from South Texas. Unfortunately, it's moved west and that's not good for the wildfire situation in California. 

For us, it means temps won't be as hot and the door is open for some rain chances.

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Here's how we think it'll play out for now:


Showers and storms may develop in Central Texas and move south into the Hill Country. Some of this activity could even make into San Antonio, depending on where outflow boundaries set up. 

Currently, we have a 20 percent chance of rain in San Antonio for Friday afternoon. A few showers may also develop along the coast, as they have for the past few days.

Saturday & Sunday:

Scattered showers and storms are expected from the Hill Country and points to the northwest.

As for the rest of the area, including San Antonio, look for isolated activity (30 percent chance). Some of the healthier storms could produce some good downpours and may continue into the overnight hours. Otherwise, skies will be partly to mostly cloudy. 

In this kind of pattern, keeping a close eye on the radar is best method for tracking the weather. 

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Check out the latest satellite imaging tracking storms in the San Antonio area here:

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