Here are the reasons KSAT12 should be selected as the official media partner for San Antonio 300:

These 300 references are no coincidence:

Look what happens when you add all the years of service from our on-air talent:

Paul Venema – 43 years of service

Greg Simmons – 35 years of service

David Sears – 31 years of service

Mark Austin – 17 years of service

Leslie Mouton – 16 years of service

Jessie Degollado – 32 years of service

Marilyn Moritz – 31 years of service

Steve Browne – 24 years of service

Mike Osterhage - 21 years of service

Steve Spriester – 21 years of service

Ursula Pari – 20 years of service Isis

Romero – 5 years of service

Myra Arthur – 4 years of service

These add up to 300 years!

300 critters have been featured on Steve Browne’s Critter Cam.

On Election Night, our news crew chows down on 300 slices of pizza.

Between Ursula Pari and Katie Vossler, they have 300 pairs of high heels in their closets.

Mark Austin has been Behind the Kitchen Door at more than 300 restaurants in San Antonio and has rated 300 restaurants in the San Antonio area.

The photojournalism staff has more than 300 years of combined experience.

We’ve got 360 degree coverage of San Antonio’s 300 years. 360 and 300 are both divisible by 12. Coincidence? I think not.

Our 10 p.m. news reaches over 300 people per second in an average night!

Our signal extends 300 miles North, South, East and West from the cities’ center.

In its first month alone, KSAT Connect generated 300 new users every day!

Leslie Mouton garners 300 likes, shares and comments in an average post.

KSAT Community supports 300 non-profits in a typical year.

Our portfolio including KSAT-TV, MeTV,, four apps and seven social media platforms deliver 300 and 60 degree touchpoints.

Steve, Adam, Mike, Justin and Katie ARE the Weather Authority, helping San Antonio plan their day 300 and 65 days a year.

Whether it’s Rodeo, Fiesta or the San Antonio Spurs, KSAT connects San Antonio to over 300 events happening in San Antonio.

We've helped adopt out more than 300 orphan animals.

Our news team has more than 300 years of experience in San Antonio.

At least 300 people have told our crews out in the field that KSAT is their favorite station and stopped to take pictures with us!

300 is the number of viewers that tuned in when Paul interviewed General Santana at the Alamo.

KSAT is 300 feet from the World Famous Riverwalk.

Steve Spriester will do 300 pushups on the air if we are chosen.

KSAT has featured 300 floats on our Fiesta parade coverage.

KSAT Community will help more than 300 charities in the total course of its existence.

Adam Caskey will swim 300 feet of the San Antonio River if we are chosen.

The SA Live crew will eat 300 puffy tacos on the air if we are chosen.

There are 300 hidden gems in San Antonio and KSAT will showcase all of them.

KSAT produces over 300 hours of original content every month.

The KSAT Live trucks have more than 300K miles on them.

Officer Trujillo and Officer Dart have consumed over 300 donuts.

Our on-air talent will blow out 300 candles.

KSAT12’s Greg Simmons can name 300 “former Spurs” in approximately 45 seconds.

Steve Spriester has bought 300 ties during his tenure at KSAT.

Mike Ostherhage has 300 pocket squares!

The average person has to practice 300 times to say Jessie Degollado’s last name as cool as she does!

SA Live features 300 companies/products that help build San Antonio business in a typical month.

300: the number of Power Swabs Fiona and Jeff have sold on SA Live

Whether it’s Rodeo, Fiesta or the San Antonio Spurs, KSAT connects San Antonio to over 300 events happening in San Antonio every year.

KSAT's Account Executives travel 300 miles each day taking care of our Customers.  (Uphill, barefoot, in the snow!)

The KSAT team can consume 300 breakfast tacos in under 12 minutes! 

On the exact date of the 300th birthday of San Antonio, the latitude and longitude coordinates of the KSAT building will exactly aligned with the moon, Mars, Pluto, the sun and NASA’s international space station. Which ironically will be a 300 degree shift from where the station was sitting exactly 24 hours prior.

And the number 12 is no coincidence either:

In bowling, a perfect score is achieved by rolling 12 strikes to get a score of 300. Obviously that means KSAT12 is perfect for tricentennial coverage.

San Antonio was founded in 1718, the Alamo was the center in 1718 and it is approximately 1718 steps away from KSAT’s offices in a straight line.

Walking from the Alamo to KSAT takes 21 minutes, reverse the numbers and it's 12.

Alamo Mission is the starting place of San Antonio and is 12 letters long.

The Payaya were the indians living in the area in 1718, and Payaya Indian is 12 characters long.

San Antonio is a municipality - municipality has 12 letters.

12 is a superior highly composite number, which is just another way of saying we are superior.

There are 12 months in a year so we can cover the whole year-long celebration.

Time is measured in groups of 12 numbers so we can cover it 24 hours a day.

In ancient times 12 was the number of perfection, making us the perfect choice.

12 must be a good number because 12 people have walked on the moon.

There are 12 people on a jury so we have been judged to be the best choice.

There are 12 Olympians in Greek mythology, even they knew we were the right choice.

Everyone knows 12 is the best number: 12 Knights of the round table; Hercules had 12 labors; Izdubar had 12 great adventures.

The Alamo Bowl is part of the PAC 12.

And here are even more reasons to pick KSAT12:

From Good Morning San Antonio to the Nightbeat, KSAT 12 brings you the news on-air, on-line and right on your phone with the KSAT12 app. We are the station to watch for latebreaking news, weather, sports and traffic.

Plus, we bring you all the Fiesta coverage from the parades to the carnival. We cheer on our San Antonio Spurs.

Now we want to celebrate our city's 300th anniversary. No other station can match our coverage and commitment. Expect more and watch us for San Antonio's tricentennial celebration. ¡Viva San Antonio!

KSAT is the only local TV news operation located in downtown San Antonio.

Adam Caskey can make the Commission its very own commemorative tricentennial thermometer.

Our news director loves barbacoa and big red. San Antonio loves barbacoa and big red. Barbacoa and big red are two of the best things about San Antonio, ergo, you should pick us because our news director loves San Antonio.

KSAT is downtown where the Alamo is located.

KSAT is the station closest to the center of the city, the San Fernando Cathedral.

KSAT provides entertainment.

KSAT is the most watched station in San Antonio.

Even though San Antonio is turning 300-years-old, KSAT always makes San Antonio look 210!

We always over-deliver.

We try harder.

We are the #1 local broadcast news station and website in the market!

KSAT is the only station that can provide one-of-a kind homemade thermometers to commemorate the milestone.

KSAT is ready for the celebration with confetti cannons.

We have KSAT legends Steve Browne, Jessie Degollado, Paul Venema, and Gregg Simmons.

An “Anchorman: The Movie” style news station fight was held at an undisclosed location…KSAT won.

With the call letters, K-S(an)- A(Antonio)- T(exas), we are San Antonio’s TV Station.

We remember the Alamo.

We can sing happy birthday to San Antonio in two languages.

Always expect more.