'The Saga' creator returns to San Fernando Cathedral four years after debut

Video projection by Xavier de Richemont tells story about San Antonio

By Ursula Pari - Anchor, David Ibanez - Web - Managing Editor

SAN ANTONIO - On June 13, 2014, the facade of San Fernando Cathedral came alive as it never had before.

The facade of the historic cathedral on Main Plaza was the backdrop for a stunning video projection that left people in awe.

"The Saga," a 24-minute art installation, told the story of the Alamo City through choreographed music and narrative storytelling. 

The "video painting" was the masterpiece of renowned painter and video artist Xavier de Richemont.

"The Saga" is among many public art projects that de Richemont has created.

"I did a lot, maybe 30 pieces, in Mexico. I don't know how many in France. Many in Europe, maybe 150. I cannot count," he said.

De Richemont returned to San Antonio on Tuesday to see "The Saga" with a crowd of about 400 people.

The huge crowd was an affirmation that de Richemont's art was warmly received.

"'The Saga.' People come. Then the history becomes their history. The best reward for art is when people appropriate and people say, 'Yeah, that looks like us. That sounds like me,'" de Richemont said.

A book about the video art and other collectables to celebrate the artwork are now available at the Main Plaza Conservancy.

"The Saga" can be viewed at San Fernando Cathedral for free starting at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

There was talk of doing the same type of display for the facades of the other historic missions, but de Richemont said he hasn't started on that project.

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