Get to the root of your health problems without traditional medication

Functional medicine helps transform your body with customized health care

This article is sponsored by the Institute for Functional Health.

Do you have unwanted fat in certain areas of your body that just won't go away?

If you've tried fad diets, gyms, medications and different weight loss programs and your excess weight isn't going away, there is hope with functional medicine. 

No longer are you restricted to the same old cycle of medication after medication.

There is now technology and data to transform your body with customized health care through functional medicine. 

The Institute for Functional Health founded by Dr. Jacob Torres can help you find what's causing unwanted fat to stick around, and to help you take control of your health without taking medications with its cutting-edge technology.

"Our goal is not to mask symptoms, our goal is to correct issues and the problem," said Dr. Jacob Torres, clinic director at the Institute for Functional Health. "We create specially tailored programs for people to help reduce weight, blood pressure, diabetes, testosterone and sleep issues." 

Patient testimonial

Julie Eversole, a patient at the Institute for Functional Health lost two pounds in 20 weeks.

"I felt horrible and I looked terrible," said Eversole. "I now run three miles in 30 minutes. I feel so much better." 

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