Emmitt Smith discusses importance of Medicare benefits

Medicare open enrollment period starts Tuesday, Oct. 15

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Seniors, are you going to change your Medicare benefits this year?

The Medicare annual enrollment period starts Oct. 15 and ends Dec. 7.

Emmitt Smith, former Dallas Cowboys running back and NFL Hall of Famer, discusses the importance of staying healthy and having Medicare.

Importance of Medicare

"I think it's an extremely important topic because I'm heading that direction as I get older," said Smith. "In order to see what's really out there and checking my own insurance programs, they change every year or four years when you have a new administration come into office. You need to be on top of those things." 

Key point: It's important to check all your new Medicare benefits each year, and to discuss the best options with your family.

Schedule at least two evaluations with your primary care physician annually

"As a former athlete, I spent a lot of time with the Dallas Cowboys training staff and medical staff," said Smith. "I like to tell people we had a pre-evaluation period in terms of health and a post-evaluation at the end of the season. The exit physicals told us what we went through the entire course of the year and what we needed to work on in the offseason. It's the same thing in terms of your life and your medical. You need to visit with your medical physician and meet twice a year." 

Tip: Try to spend time with your primary care physician at least twice a year.

Achieving your best health

"Do not be afraid to go in and get evaluated early," Smith emphasized. "I think early testing is the best form of preventative medicine. Staying on top of your health is extremely important. You only have one life to live. Might as well make the best out of it."

Tip: Live a happy and healthy life by taking charge of your health each day with smart choices.

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