How to budget for holiday shopping

Save up for expensive gifts, pay off credit each month

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Fall is an ideal time to examine your financial health and update your financial plans.

It's also time to think about holiday shopping for your loved ones.

We have some suggestions on how you can budget for the upcoming holiday season without breaking your wallet. 

Stay on top of your spending.

Keep your receipts and statements from every item you buy during the holidays. If you're organized, write down what you've purchased for each person on your shopping list. This will help you remember what you've already bought. 

Pay off credit cards each month.

Do yourself a favor and pay off your credit monthly -- there really is no downside to paying off bills on time. You can even get rewards through some credit card companies for paying early. 

Save up for expensive gifts.

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list who want an expensive gift, try to save up a little cash each month to make it easier on yourself. Instead of paying a large amount at once, work towards that purchase slowly. 

Make a budget for each person on your list.

We've all been in a store where we forget we don't have an endless amount of money, and we just want to buy everything in sight. Make a list, and write down how much money you can allocate for each person for whom you plan on buying gifts. The next time you're at a shopping mall or even online, look at your list and stick to the budget. 

Make homemade gifts. 

Sometimes, the best gifts are made from scratch. If you like to be creative, try to make some of your holiday gifts. You can save money in the process and you won't have to worry about being persuaded to buy more gifts while you're out shopping. 

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