Eatery offers everything from authentic Mexican food to burgers and ribs -- while keeping your budget in tact

David Elder takes you inside Pollos Asados ‘El Gordo’ for a new episode of ‘Texas Eats’

Texas Eats featured restaurant: Pollos Asados El Gordo | KSAT 12
Texas Eats featured restaurant: Pollos Asados El Gordo | KSAT 12

As seen on KSAT 12′s “Texas Eats,” Pollos Asados “El Gordo” packs some great local touches, offering authentic family food, all while being conveniently located in the central San Antonio community with a full menu of delectable entrees, sides and desserts.

Meticulous preparation, high-quality ingredients and great attitudes are the primary forces that drive the success of the team at Pollos Asados “El Gordo.”

“We aim to not only provide amazing food, but to also be a positive force in the food-service industry and community as a whole,” said Jonathan Lumbreras, owner of Pollos Asados “El Gordo”.

The restaurant specializes in everything from authentic Mexican food to burgers, chicken, ribs, tacos, fajitas, wraps, burritos, salads, sandwiches, lunch/dinner specials and specialty entrees rich in authenticity and nutrients, the eatery said.

The menu is quite versatile and steps out of its own boundaries, on occasion.

“We strive to serve our homemade creations at a stellar price, while providing excellent service, and never skimping out on quality,” Lumbreras said.

Customer favorites include the baked potato with beef fajitas; a whole chicken with cilantro, beans, rice, tortilla, onion and jalapeno; mini taquitos; pinto beans stewed with onions, garlic and bacon; and chicken wings.

Pollos Asados “El Gordo” is located at 7553 McCullough Ave. To see the full menu online, click here.

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