How to install a flagpole

Are you trying to install a flagpole in your yard this season? If so, follow these steps for a successful installation.


The first step is to find a location to put the flagpole. When choosing this place in your yard, consider if you want anything to surround the flagpole, or if you just want to insert the flagpole by itself.


Next, you need to dig a hole for the flagpole. Your hole should be several feet deep and at least a foot wide. At the bottom of the hole, place about 6 inches of crushed stone. Make the stone compacted.


Next, insert a PVC ground setting tube into the hole, making sure it reaches down into the crushed stone. Make sure the tube is perfectly vertical. To make sure your pole doesn't lean, you might even want to consider using a level.


Now it's time to mix the cement. You should mix it according to the directions on the bag of cement. Once it's mixed, poor about half of the mixture into the hole and recheck your tube to make sure it's still perfectly vertical. Then fill the hole the rest of the way to the top. Let the cement mixture sit in the hole overnight.


Next, if your pole needs to be assembled follow the directions in the packaging to complete the assembly.


After the pole is assembled, run the halyard through the pulley.


Finally, it's time to put up the flagpole. To do this step, make sure you have someone to assist you as it will take more than one person to put the pole in place. After putting a gel on the tube to help the tube slide on easier, lift the pole into place.


Next, install the flag snaps on the rope according to the size of your flag.


Space the snaps according to the size of your flag. To install a flag snap, form a loop in the rope and run the loop through the swivel-eye and over the snap. Then pull the rope taut. Finally, attach flag to the snaps at the flag grommets, hoist it to the pole top, and tie the halyards to the cleat.