Blizzard forces Spurs to change travel plans

Team spending night in Detroit, hope to reach Brooklyn Saturday


The Spurs have been forced to change their travel plans as a result of the blizzard of 2013 that has slammed into the east coast.

Following their 119-109 loss to the Pistons in Detroit Friday night, the Spurs were scheduled to fly out on their charter to New York for the third game of the rodeo road trip against Brooklyn on Sunday night. But those plans were changed Friday because of the storm which rocked the eastern seaboard of the United States.

As a result, the Spurs will spend the night in Detroit and try and get out Saturday.

At the same time, the Brooklyn Nets are having to alter their travel plans as well.

They were due to depart Washington D.C. Friday following their unexpected 89-74 loss to the Wizards.

They are now taking a train back to New York.

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