CAMPIN' WITH GREG: Day 1 of Cowboys Camp


OXNARD, Calif. – Sorry for the delay, but here goes our shot at my first Cowboys blog.

This year's trek to the west coast had it's share of early challenges to meet up with the Cowboys in Oxnard.

First of all, the trip from SA-LA took less time than the drive up the 405 to the 101 and finally into Oxnard. No kidding - almost 3 hours with bumper to bumper traffic. The longest it has ever taken us.

During that particular part of our first challenge, the second developed when the air conditioning in our upgraded SUV failed to work. It would give you teases of cold air only to shut down quickly until photographer Billy Caldera changed the radio station to 104.9. All hip hop all the time. The car must have liked that because the A/C has not stopped working since.

mike and billy As a result of the traffic mess, we would miss the opening press conference but thanks to i heart radio technology, producer Mike Klein was able to locate the Dallas radio station carrying the event and it was as if I was there. Not a moment missed. Everything I would need for Saturday's report.

The next challenge came when the Cowboys announced the practice fields would be closed for conditioning tests. The only problem with that decision: it would affect our first live shot. So an audible was called in the car and off to the beach in Ventura we go. That came off without a hitch. We survive day 1.

Day 2 would give us a first when it comes to Tony Romo.   


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