CAMPIN' WITH GREG: Day 5 of Cowboys Camp


OXNARD, Calif. – Day 5 is Wenesday and the last day in camp before the players have a mandatory day off due to the new collective bargaining agreement. Day off in the first week of training camp. In 33 years for me unheard of but that is what lies ahead. I always enjoy how Jason Garrett begins his press conference by asking the media how are you doing today. And believe it or not he really wants to know and likes hearing a rousing response. If it's not rousing he always admonishes the press that its only day blank and we need to keep the energy level up.

It is fun for me to watch him evolve not only just in his career but as a man. I know his father well from his many years with the Cowboys and know Jason and his brothers from their playing days in the World League of American Football. In fact Jason's brother John is married to my former producer Honor Jones. Great folks.

It was during this particular press conference Jason reveals that we have a new Bill Bates. Most Cowboy fans remember the free agent who made a name for himself by lowering the boom on opponents while keeping an very low key personality off the field. Heck Bill would even blast his teammates in practice after laying them out and then pick them up and apologize. That's exactly what rookie safety J.J. Wilcox did against Phillip Tanner in the first day of pads. Clobbered him and then picked him up and apologized. Got to interview him after Wednesday's workout and just as mild mannered as Bill.

As soon as Jason's press conference was over, we were summoned to the Gazebo for our one on one interview.

Yes, the compromised password was once again compromised. Volunteer...volunteer...volunteer I just kept saying to myself...calm.

Our interview today would be with one of my favorites second year cornerback Brandon Carr, who has an 80 game start streak going in the NFL. After another great interview he stops to ask us what camp is like for us? When do you wake up? What happens during a normal day.? When do you hit the hay? When we told him his response. So you're in training camp as well. Great guy and really wanted to know what type of challenges we faced daily. He will make a great broadcaster when he retires from playing but hopefully not anytime soon.

Tomorrow is a day off. Not for us and as we would find out later not for Jerry Jones either.


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