CAMPIN' WITH GREG: Day 6 of Cowboys Camp


OXNARD, Calif. – Day 6 is Thursday and what I thought would be an extra hour of sleep. Afterall it's the players day off. What could possibly happen?

Little did we know that Jerry and his entourage had boarded his jet for Dallas and what would prove to be a big announcement regarding Cowboys Stadium. We knew they were in negotiations with AT&T for naming rights for Cowboys Stadium, but we didn't know when that would be official.

That became apparent when my phone dinged for an email from the Cowboys. Big press conference today at noon featuring Jerry and the Mayor of Arlington for a major business announcement at Cowboys Stadium. Gee I wonder what that could be? I decided that was a sign of things to come. So it's time to rise and shine at 7 a.m. California time knowing that it's probably a good idea to get ahead, before all the breaking news, by at least writing as many of the sportscasts as possible before the press conference.

At high noon, as expected, Jerry World is now AT&T Stadium with the Cowboys owner saying he wants the now AT&T stadium to be more familiar than the White House. You have to give Jerry one thing when it comes to the media. He knows how to direct the spotlight. On a day off with nothing going on in camp he still makes the Cowboys the talk of the NFL. On an off day!

After packing the SUV for what feels like the 99th time, we head out for our afternoon live shots stopping for our In and Out Burger fix. We head to our usual fallback location which is the open beach in Oxnard. Windy even chilly (sorry, had to throw that in). No one in the water, just playing in the sand. So you can imagine the looks we get when we start setting up a camera and the live backpack in the middle of the beach. We get the stares until WFAA TV out of Dallas pulls up in their satellite truck (which is about as big as a semi) and starts unrolling reels of cable and planting chairs on the beach. We are off the hook as far as attention grabbers.

During one of our live hits, I notice our photographer Billy Caldera look of concern. He has spotted something behind me that could be a problem and directs me to stand a certain way. What, has the light has changed? The sand is blowing into the lens? No, as it turns out it's a couple on the beach who has chosen this time to become amorous. That's the best way I can describe it for now. We'll just leave it at that.

After completing our live shots and protecting the viewers from Beach Blanket Bingo, it's off to scout out our live shot location for tonight because standing on a beach at night with open water behind you does nothing for TV at night.

Billy has scouted out the perfect location Grant Park high above Oxnard on what I guess you would call a mountain. The perfect location until we notice the sign. Park closes at 9 p.m. California time, 11 p.m. San Antonio time, five minutes before we are off the air on The NightBeat. That and the sign that tells you how to recognize a bobcat or mountain lion and the next sign that says live ammunition being fired from beyond the point. Turns out it's a police shooting range. On top of a mountain?

yacht club Oh well, while we are here we will get some shots for our final broadcast on Instant Replay Sunday and fall back to our alternate. The Ventura Yacht Club. Remember when you say that you have to stick your bottom lip out like Thurston Howell III. Yes, a Giligan's Island reference. I could have thrown Dobie Gillis in there as well, but then I would be dating myself again.  


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