CAMPIN' WITH GREG: Day 7 of Cowboys Camp


OXNARD, Calif. – DAY 7 which is a Friday, I think, starts off with an epiphany. While Michael Irvin was interviewing Tony Romo and Dez Bryant I realized I'm watching an athlete I covered interviewing athletes I'm covering. Brutal.

Morning walkthrough was reserved for special teams but it gave us a chance to visit with third round draft pick Terrance Williams the All American out of Baylor who led the nation in average receiving yardage in a game with over 140 per game. That's pretty incredible when you consider RGIII was already in the NFL his final season in Waco. As I listened to his answers, I noticed he was still wearing green and gold bracelets on his wrists. Bear forever he tells me.

As I return to media, tent I am immediately summoned to the "Gazebo" area for our one on one interview. And guess who is it is: Terrance Willliams. He could not have been nicer.

As I return to the media tent to prepare for Jason Garrett's press conference, a familiar smell is present. That's because David Smoak, a longtime Texas broadcaster now in Waco, has prepared his annual chili and jambalaya. To say it's hot would be an understatement. Thank you David again this year.

Following the afternoon live shots, I am headed back to the media tent to knock out a few more items for The NightBeat before team drills begin and I stumble upon Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones holding an impromptu news conference with other reporters. It was there I learned more about the future of Cowboys training camp in California.

Turns out the developer who owns the land next to the Marriott Reisdence Inn where the Cowboys headquarter for training camp is looking to sell it or at least develop it now that economic times are better. Stephen says all he can guarantee is that the Cowboys have one more year remaining on their contract with Oxnard and it further explains what his father told us earlier in the week on Instant Replay - that the Cowboys were considering a split camp again with San Antonio. That and the fact the Cowboys are looking to move their headquarters in Irving from Valley Ranch to Frisco in North Texas by 2016. Stephen also was asked for some Bill Parcells stories considering the former Cowboys coach is going into the Hall of Fame next week. He said most them he couldn't reveal, but he did tell us about their daily meetings and how they came during a time when Stephen was also focused on building Cowboys, sorry at&t stadium. Parcells could always tell by how he was dressed. If Stephen came to the meeting wearing a pull over shirt and shorts, he was football Stephen. If he came into the meeting in a suit with a pocket scarf, then Jones was Stadium Steve and more focused on other things other than football.

I have my own Tuna story to tell. We were wrapping up one night after a broadcast and I had gone back to the media area to retrieve something and noticed Coach Parcells sitting in my chair looking somewhat agitated and frustrated. When he noticed me approaching, he got up and asked, "Is this your chair?"  I answered, "No, coach if you are sitting in that chair then it's yours. You're the boss."  He laughed asked where I was from and how long I had been covering the Cowboys. It was a pleasant but brief conversation. The next morning bright and early about 7:30 I get a call from my producer Brett Baker who had just received a call from our photographer J.C. informing us he believes Quincy Carter has been released. That's right, the starting quarterback. In fact, someone had video of Quincy getting into a cab. I don't remember who shot it now but that's definitely Quincy and he's definitely leaving camp. Released by the Cowboys.

You hear stories of what went on during team meetings during that period and you have to wonder if I just caught the Tuna in a timeout from it all. Congratulations, Coach on your impending induction.

Now let's see what happens tonight. As we say in broadcasting. The night is young. I think they say that in other professions as well.  


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