Texans superfan Mimi, 99, meets J.J. Watt

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

HOUSTON – JJ Watt has made another Texans fan's dream come true.

KSAT sister station KPRC in Houston first reported the story last week when Texans fan Asalee Poole, also known as Mimi, celebrated her 99th birthday on New Year's Eve. 

Her family and friends gathered for a little celebration for her birthday where she received a Watt jersey and a Watt doll. They even got her a Watt-themed birthday cake.

"She's my grandma and the most selfless human on Earth," said Lee Sumrall.

Family and friends have been trying to get Watt's attention about Poole's love for him. Family friend Clint Jenkins said her only birthday wish is to meet the Texans defensive end.

Jenkins posted a video on the KPRC Facebook page of Poole talking about Watt.

"I'm Asalee Poole, and today is my birthday. I'm 99 years old, and I love little JJ (referring to her Watt doll), but I'd love to hug the big one," Poole said in the video. She then gave the  "Watt salute."

KPRC asked Poole why she likes Watt so much.

"I just like that boy," Poole said as she giggled.

Well, her wish came true before Saturday's AFC Wild Card playoff game. Mimi, wearing her Watt jersey of course, waited patiently on the sidelines. Then Watt jogged over to meet Mimi, saying, "Sorry, I'm late. Happy birthday!"

Watt then embraced Mimi. He autographed some items and took a photo with her.

Watt a guy!