LeBron praises Duncan in Facebook post

(Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images)
(Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

SAN ANTONIO – The King himself took to Facebook Friday morning to sing the praises of arguably the greatest power forward of all time.

Fresh off a battle Thursday night at the AT&T Center, LeBron James said that the consistency with which Tim Duncan has played over the years is unmatched.

"(I) don't know how many times we got left to go against one another, but (I) never have and I never will take them for granted!" James said in his Facebook post.

James and Duncan's Spurs have a history of heated battles.

The Spurs swept James' Cavaliers in the 2007 NBA Finals as San Antonio took home its fourth of five NBA titles.

James and Duncan met again in the 2013 Finals, this time with LeBron as a member of the Heat. James and the Heat took home the second of their back-to-back titles, taking down the Spurs in seven games.

The 2014 NBA Finals were a repeat as the Heat and Spurs squared off yet again. This time, Duncan and the Spurs finished off the Heat in five games in what is one of the most dominant showings in Finals history.

James left the Heat after the 2014 Finals to rejoin the Cavaliers. With the Spurs reeling off win after win, including 32 in a row at home, and the Cavs sitting atop the Eastern Conference standings, it's not far fetched that Duncan and James could run into each other at the end of the season for a fourth Finals showdown.

The Spurs play the Cavs one more time during the regular season on Jan. 30 in Cleveland.

James' praise comes on the same day that ESPN named Duncan its top power forward of all time.

The King agrees.

"From one King to Another and to the Greatest PF to Ever play this game, all Love and Respect Timmy D!" James said in his post.

Duncan was listed above such greats as Karl Malone (2), Kevin McHale (6) and Elvin Hayes (8). He also beat out a few other current players in Dirk Nowitzki (3), Kevin Garnett (5) and Pau Gasol (9).

Check out the video below for a flashback to just after Spurs beat the Cavs in the 2007 Finals. Click here to watch on YouTube.