Fans loving ‘I love my Spurs' sign, supporting local nonprofit

Social media campaign helping raise money for Child Advocates of San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Spurs fans are starting to catch that playoff fever, and one business on Broadway is getting the fans fired up.

The owner of Richter Goods has an artist express their love for the hometown team with a big 'I love My Spurs' scrolled across an outside wall.

"We are huge Spurs fans, we love the Spurs," said Mario Guajardo, the owner of Richter Goods.

Richter Goods manufactures custom fit jeans and shirts for men and woman and dresses for woman.

Guajardo's friend, Luis Munoz, saw a storefront wall as a canvas and quickly came up the 'I Love My Spurs'. The 'Love' is actually a red heart.

Since he put it up a few days ago fans have been flocking to the wall for their picture.

But Munoz decided that he would take advantage of the publicity and help a local organization, Child Advocates of San Antonio.

Each time someone takes a picture in front of the wall they can send it out via Instagram with the hashtag 'I Love My Spurs', a dollar gets donated to CASA.


"Obviously child abuse in Bexar County is a huge problem and it is a community problem and it’s things like this that can help solve that problem," said Rick Cooke, CASA president and CEO.

"I saw it on Facebook," said Jose Gloria, a big Spurs fan, "I think it is for a good cause."

If you are interested in taking a picture with the sign Ritcher Store is located at 2202 Broadway, San Antonio.


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