Spurs fans excited at first home game of the season

Spurs win 2 away games

SAN ANTONIO – The Spurs are back at the AT&T Center, and for fans all is right in the world.

"Electricity everywhere," said Miguel Aguilar of the stadium. "Everybody is just so hyped, and we just want to get a ‘W.'"

The Spurs already won two games on the road this season, but watching them live is something else, and everyone has their favorite parts.

"No commercials and a lot of crazy fans having a good time," said “D,” a Spurs fan.

"The coyote. We love the coyote," Jennifer Pena said.

Fans also love Tim Duncan. He might be gone from the roster, but signs of him were everywhere.

"I got to bring him here in spirit somehow," said Zack Manuel, a fan in a Duncan jersey.

Nicole Yates was just buying her Duncan jersey in the arena's gift shop.

"I meant to get one all last season," she said. "I thought I better get one now while I can. I still love Duncan."

Duncan was missed, too.

"I'm heartbroken that he's not here," Aguilar said. "It's my first time that I haven't seen him on the court, so it's kind of weird."

There wasn't any moping in the stands, though. Fans have shed their tear for Duncan's departure. On Saturday night, they cheered on the team they had.

The Spurs have some new blood and some seasoned stars, and fans were confident.

"You know, we look good," Eric Peter said. "The guys, they look young. They look fast. They're picking up their game."

The Spurs are a team that is used to success. The bar and expectations for them are high as ever, and fans aren't holding back on their predictions for the season.

"Finals," Barton said. "They'll be winning the whole thing, baby."

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