Check out 8-year-old boy's reaction to getting tickets to Golden State, Spurs game

Mom's boss comes through for Warriors fan

SAN ANTONIO – A local 8-year-old boy is as big of a basketball fan as many people in San Antonio.

But just one thing is different about him -- he's a Golden State Warriors fan.

Don't hold it against him.

The reaction he has to getting tickets to the March 29 game between the Warriors and Spurs is something that would warm any sports fan's heart.

Mom Rachelle Cervera says her son, Isaac, is one of the biggest Steph Curry fans out there.

She was trying to get her hands on tickets for a matchup against the Spurs but had no luck.

In a Facebook post, Cervera said she worked up the confidence to ask her boss if he would be willing to spare Isaac his season tickets if he wasn't planning on going.

Let's just say mom's boss is awesome.

The boss came through with the tickets, and Cervera had a family member record the moment when she surprised Isaac with the tickets. His screams of excitement turned into tears of joy pretty quickly.

Here's to hoping Isaac gets to meet Curry.