Kawhi Leonard talks fashion, custom sweatsuits, Tim Duncan's style in GQ article

Custom sweatsuits with Leonard's logo will debut later this year

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Kawhi Leonard tends to shy away from interviews with the national media, but GQ Magazine recently sat down with the soft-spoken Spurs star to discuss fashion, his laid-back style and his new line of custom sweatsuits

The custom sweatsuits with Leonard’s “KWL” logo will debut later this year.

Some interesting tidbits from Jake Woolf’s GQ article was Leonard’s propensity to avoid wearing real suits.

“How many real suits do you own?” Woolf asked.

“Maybe just one. But I own some sport coats, too,” Leonard responded. 

“Do you just try to avoid wearing a suit at all costs?” Woolf asked.

“I’m not trying to avoid it, but there just aren't too many things I attend that I need to wear a suit for,” Leonard said.

Leonard also discussed his favorite Jordan brand shoes and what it was like behind the scenes when he or his Spurs teammates would talk fashion with former teammate Tim Duncan. 

"Behind the scenes, did you guys make fun of Tim Duncan's style?" Woolf asked.

"For sure. Just jokes. But we'd tell him he needs to get some smaller pants, get his hems shorter," Leonard said. 

The last question asked by Woolf is probably the biggest indication of Leonard’s quiet nature. 

“What's the most valuable lesson coach (Gregg) Popovich has given to you in terms of talking to the media?” Woolf asked.

“Just walk away,” Leonard responds.

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