New Texas Longhorns head football coach takes players' urine seriously

Coach Herman tests players every practice using hydration chart

Courtesy: Getty
Courtesy: Getty

AUSTIN – It’s no secret first year Texas head coach Tom Herman has been making drastic changes since he was hired in Austin with the goal of bringing Longhorns football back to national powerhouse status.

In order to reach that championship level, Herman believes it begins and ends with urine.  

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After Tuesday’s spring practice, a reporter asked Herman about a hydration chart he came across during his visit to the restroom at the university’s athletic center.

Herman responded jokingly, “What was your color?”

The Longhorn Football Hydration Chart was implemented this spring as a way to keep players hydrated to avoid injuries that may be caused by the lack of not drinking enough fluids.

According to the chart, players who score between the first and third urine color levels are in the “championship hydration level.”

However, if a player urinates under the third level, he’s either a selfish teammate, heading to Area 51, or just a bad guy. 

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Herman explained hydration is much like a steak, and that his theory is backed by studies of injuries caused by dehydration. 

“A steak is a muscle, muscle of a cow, but it’s still a muscle. When it’s hydrated, it’s very pliable, stretchy and all that,” Herman said. “When it’s dry, like beef jerky, you tear it apart (and results) in more pulls and muscle strains when you’re dehydrated.”

Herman also says players’ safety is important with “the brain being 75 to 80 percent water, studies have shown the concussion rate is higher, too, when you’re dehydrated.”  


Herman said before every practice, the urine of each player is tested, and coaches read off the ones who are hydrated and those who are dehydrated.

Tuesday was the first day 100 percent of the players were hydrated before practice.​

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